Web Console Toaster/Audible Notification

It appears my initial idea was either removed or doesn't display. For tracking purposes, I am submitting this again as we continue to be asked constantly about this.

Users who are on the web console on a PC complain that there is currently no audible notification, or toaster/pop up notification. Toaster notifications are pretty standard across the board with almost any web interface (Cisco Jabber, Cisco Finesse, etc.). Making this also compatible with IE is ideal, as your process has been to always have the consoles utilized with IE.

Nurse A sends a message to a Physician in the ER from the Web Console, as there are no Smartphones currently available. The Physician sends a response back, but Nurse A doesn't hear a notification or see a pop up that the Physician responded. Since she isn't on a device either, Nurse A doesn't notice this until an hour later as she was working on other items in another window.
  • Jon Berndtson
  • Jan 31 2020
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