End User Registration App

Issue: Manual entries or third party integration that resulted in incomplete details (permanent phone, roles, incorrect/duplicated emails, etc...) at the time of registration. Often time, new employees details were taken during their first day of general orientation. This is sometimes not enough.

Suggestion: Create a user friendly registration app that each Vocera users can log in to and register themselves. The User Reg. app should have a standardized basic set up but can still be customized by a System Admin to comply with the client's workflow and policies. Some considerations:
  • Intuitive - allow trigger dialogue fields based on the hospital's defined list.
  • Mouse over tool tips for each Fields - or a side note for important information (customizable by an Admin)
  • Allow editing for the first 24 -72 hours - allow room for corrections
  • Search function for registered users and their current setting
  • Special trigger fields can notify Admins for new employee training, etc..
Pro: User driven; up to date; encourage accountability; can be published as a separate license.
Con: Complicated/creative requests from hopeful clients; data mapping or clean up from multiple resources could be difficult.
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  • Jan 31 2020
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