Allow tiered admins to view all groups, regardless of site, using one login, rather than one for each site

Currently, I manage 4 sites going on 5 that are all part of one healthcare system.  We have regional employees who are tiered administrators for more than one of the sites.  As Vocera stands now, I have to create a profile for the Tiered Admin at each site they have users they manage.  This means, some of my Tiered Admins have 5 user profiles each. 

If a Tiered Admin's site is set to GLOBAL, then in my mind the Tiered Admin should be able to view all of the users and groups they manage, regardless of what site the users/groups are assigned to.  Right now they have to login with a user id that is associated with a specific site in order to view/edit the users that they manage for that becomes hard to manage different logins for each of the Tiered Admins based on the sites they manage user at.  I do not like have more than one profile for each tiereed admin and it doesn't make much sense from a best practices standpoint.
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  • Jan 31 2020
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