Staff Assignment Site/Unit View

In the Staff Assignment console, I feel that it would be a great idea for the users to only see the site and unit that they are in.

Here are a couple of benefits that I can think of for this so far:

1. This would simplify the console for them, so they wouldn't have to select their site and unit each time they go into it, creating less confusion and work for the already nearly overworked clerk staff
2. It would prevent them from making changes to another unit's staff assignment accidentally
3. It would make the trainer's job easier to not have to teach the staff to select their site and unit each time the users log into the console
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  • Jan 31 2020
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    Jeff Prentice commented
    5 May, 2020 04:03am

    Starting in Vocera Platform 6.1 or later departmental access requires a user to have permissions to view. In addition the users configured home department automatically directs the login user to that view without manual intervention.

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