Use Device Manager to track warranty start upon deployment

Now that device management exists, it would be ideal if Vocera could monitor thru the console, when a badge is first configured and registered to the system, and then record that date as the warranty start date rather than the purchase date.

This would protect the customer against warranties expiring on badges not yet used, or badges with very little use no longer being under warranty because they were in storage, unconfigured for months after purchase. 

As a customer who purchases large quantities of badges at fiscal year end (product which is stocked for projects and OOW replacements thru-out the year), it concerns me these badges have the warranty clock ticking from the day we purchased, irregardless of the fact they will not be configured for use, sometimes 6 months or more after purchase.

Our purchase model is such that we cannot change this fiscal year end spending, so I'm curious if it is now possible to log a warranty start date based on a badge being registered?  With the current warranty date tied to a purchase date, we typically only realize 12-18 months out of a 2 year warranty.



I see this being beneficial for Vocera also, as you would have logs showing the registration date of a badge, which would be equal to the first time it is used and therefore know you truly are providing a 1 or 2 year warranty.

My 2 cents.............thanks for listening!

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  • Jan 31 2020
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