Ability to remove DND/forwarding from Admin Console

One benefit would be the ability to remove DND/forwarding options directly from the admin console.  We receive a lot of afterhous calls due to users putting themselves on DND or on call forwarding, without even realizing it.  While these are easy to troubleshoot and resolve (I can log in remotely to VCS from wherever I am), it's still rather annoying if we were able to just resolve it from the admin console.

Features such as this exist from the CUCM side of the house, so it's indeed possible depending upon how your software is developed. 
  • Jon Berndtson
  • Jan 31 2020
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  • Jon Berndtson commented
    10 May, 2021 05:20pm

    To note, I do understand you are able to change user forwarding options in VS 5.3 and platform 6, so we're able to take advantage of the forwarding options now (thanks!), however, removing DND is still an item that would be useful to do from the admin console.

  • Admin
    Mike Ryker commented
    14 Feb, 2020 11:44pm

    Changing user forwarding options in the admin console is available in both Voice Server 5.3 and Platform 6.x