Web Console Message to Favorited Group from Different Site

This Idea was brought up from Tanya Vuong from case 255191. The desire is to, when drafting a new message from the Web Console to be able to search for a favorited Group within the To: field.

Below is an example of the current limited workflow:

User 'A' and 'B' have different home sites
User 'A' has a different home site than 'Group C'

- If User A favorites User B in the Web Cosnole they can search for them when drafting a new message (from To: field)
- If User A favorites GROUP C, they are unable to search for that user when drafting a new message (from To: field)

Hyper link is location of video recording of reported behavior in customer's own words (3min video)

Play recording 
Location of recored video: \\cifs2\CustomerLogs\NA\THR-TexasHealthResources-Arlington-TX\SupportCases\2018\255191_FavoriteGroups_WebConsole
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  • Jan 31 2020
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