New Lanyard Option

Many nurses are having trouble with the B3000 badges. We have nurse call integration, so they get lots of text messages to the badge. When worn correctly (4-6" from chin) it is difficult to read the message (due to the badge being so close to the eyes), so they wear the badge much further from their chin (8-10") so they can read the display. This causes frustration with voice recognition.

I would like to see an elastic lanyard option that would allow the user to wear the badge in the correct position but "stretch" to allow for 3-5" of extension to be able to view the display but return it to an appropriate distance from the chin when not extended.

Preferrably, part of the lanyard would be made of an elastic material vs. a mechanical (and prone to breakage) retractable mechanism.

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  • Jan 31 2020
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