Ability to test firmware via Admin Console

Recently we have had an issue that required us to test some badge firmware to see if it resolved the issue. Our testing showed that it did (at our location) but when pushed to production (all locations) it seems that it did not reslove the issue. The problem was we were only able to test the firmware here as it involved setting the badges not to update firmware from the server. I would be worried that if i sent some of these badges out into "the wild" i may never be able to get my hands on them again (multiple location facility scattered through the twin cities) and they would never update again - just making future problems at next upgrade.

I would like to be able to suppress the firmware update via the admin console, so that when ready I could remove the restriction without having to put my hands on the badge a second time. Further what would be awesome is if i were able to remotely install the "test firmware" on a select group of badges in production via admin console so i wouldnt have to physicaly touch the devices. This would allow you to test firmware in an area in production without fear of future issues with a badge stuck in "dont update" mode.
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  • Jan 31 2020
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