Vocera Emergency pull

Does vocera currently have anything in the works for Emergency's? Our nurses in the ER (staff of 3 with 9 rooms) frequently get "Attacked" by patients. What my thoughts are is that if they double tap a badge, or go for their badge the patients will violently yank the badge out of the hand or pull them from their scrubs. Is there any system out there where if a badge was to be pulled off that maybe the lanyard would have a emergency pull string that would make the badge immediately go into a Broadcast messege that can only be stopped if the badge is say keyed? i mean keyed like a simple button that would require like a paperclip or whatnot, or it intervention. If the battery were removed or badge destroyed obviously that broadcast would stop but some sort of Badge offline alarm should then go out to a specified group such as Police or security. just a thought thank you

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  • Jan 31 2020
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