Change the option of do you want to send a page" to after "do you want to leave a message""

When we first installed Vocera Voice with badges and moto phones, the system asked, do you want to leave a message if the person did not answer and their was no forwarding.  Once we added clients to ios or droid, the default is "do you want to send a page" followed by " do you want to leave a message".  This is confusing to end users who are used to being asked to leave a message.  they assume that they can no longer leave a vm and either send the page or hang up.  The preference would be to leave a message with the secondary option of send a page.  It is easier to socialize to end users that there is additional functionality than to try and explain it is different depending on what device the person is using.  The person calling does not know, nor should care, what type of device the other person is using.

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  • Jan 31 2020
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