Stationary/Fixed location device - intercom functionality

I realize that this is actually an entirely new product line request. But its the integrated functionality that makes sense.

Our Mental Health department ask if Vocera made some type of intercom device that they could broadcast to for patient areas.
We have a long term in-patient Mental Health and Addiction Medicine department that has several open space lounge areas for patients as well as several counseling and activity rooms.
They would like a Vocera device for both desktop/end table and for wall mount. The devices would need to be autologin from power on. The accounts for the devices would determine what broadcasts they would recieve. They weren't concerned about any features allowing a patient near one to be able to respond. They really just want a Vocera based one-way end-table/overhead paging.

*Just remember to cut me in for 5%, if you actually make this ;)
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  • Jan 31 2020
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