DID longer answer delay for calls to a Group

Is it possible to adjust how long Vocera waits before it gives up attempting to contact a group that has a D.I.D.?

Currently we have six Emergency Department (E.D.) groups set up with D.I.D. telephone numbers – primarily the users of these groups are using the SmartPhone.

When someone calls the D.I.D. number for a group, after the genie finishes announcing to a user in a group “Can you take a call for (group name)?”, about 5 seconds after the genie finishes saying the phrase it will hang up the call. This seems to short for use.

With the use of the SmartPhones, the time it may take a physician/nurse to notice & then acknowledge an incoming call may typically exceed this timeout period for various reasons. Even for a badge user this may be to short of a time period in the health care setting.

With this short time-out calls are forwarded to the primary E.D. phone very often and frustrating users.

Ken Erickson
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  • Jan 31 2020
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