Integrating PreArrival View into Care Calls

Today in Care Calls, users have the ability to see rounds that were completed during that visit, and Good to Go instructions that were provided to patinet, provide conssitency in communcaiton and expereince for the patient. Yet, the caller isn't able to see the any Pre-Arrival instructions that were provided to the patient. 

A cusotmer use case for this is Frenso Surgical, they plan to roll out with Care Calls, Pre-Arrival and Rounds. The callers will be following-up on surgery patients with an outbound call. Those patient will recieve pre-arrival instrcutions, it would be ideal for the caller to see the instrucitons provided to the patient prior to making the outbound call to the patient. The quick glance of prearrival would provide the caller with detail information about their doctor, procedure time, instrucitons, recovery info, etc. 

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  • Nov 26 2019
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