Users' Assignments Summary

Users are logging into Edge and assigning themself to care roles in error. It is currently not clear to determine what care role they were logged into with asking them and them being honest. It would be simpler to easily click on the caregiver in enterprise manager and have a tab for current assignments > then we could easily see what care role they are assigned to. The request is to also add a report that can be ran per user and per care role to see who is currently and historically assigned. There are reports similar to this but they are not clear and the fields to choose are not clear. You have to choose direct or indirect, historical or current. You also can only run the report by care role then see who all was assigned to it. The ability to run the report in reverse (run report by user then see all assignments that user was assigned to) would be ideal. This needs to be one simple report not multiple reports and be able to run the report by care role or by user's name.

  • Andrew Simmons
  • Jan 11 2022
Edge / Edge
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