Allow Care Roles to be configured as CUCM Caller ID

We have Vocera Edge users configured with Cisco Call Manager endpoints and unique Directory Numbers. When logging in, many users are choosing certain role based assignments, e.g. "ED Charge Nurse". We would like to have the ability for AXL to push the Display (Internal Caller ID) / Line Appearance of their role so when calling other staff/departments, their current role is obvious.

For example, user John with extension 5551234 logs and chooses the Charge Nurse role assignment for the ED. When calling the ICU department, his Line Appearance shows as "5551234-ED Charge" to the called number. On his next shift, he works on the Rapid Response Team and his caller name shows as "5551234-RRT".

Alternatively, if someone is logged in under a Care Role Forwarding scenario, we could also replace the Care Role Caller ID. In this example, if the ED Charge Care Role number was 5551111, John's Line Appearance would be "5551111-ED Charge" when calling if he is logged into Vocera Edge as using the ED Charge assignment even though his actual phone number is 5551234.

We recently converted hundreds of clinical staff to Vocera Edge with new phone numbers, so departments are asking for easy ways to identify incoming calls/missed calls for staff so they have visibility to discern and prioritize the nature of the callers (critical priority vs. routine).

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  • Jun 18 2024
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