Choose to display Extension and/or DID

Hi. I was looking to see if there was an option to display only one internal number per facility. Currently when someone is beginning a call to a shared (hospital WIFI only) individual, they are prompted with two numbers, extension and DID. We decided to provision 100% DID and therefore both of these numbers are the same. It would be great if we could choose to display extension, DID, or both. This would help with clutter on the screen.

The image on the left shows four numbers that are all the same, two for SMH and two for FFT. When beginning a call to this individual you will notice (right image) that there are two numbers displayed, both for SMH and both are the same. The FFT ones do not display because the customer is not using a shared phone designated to FFT.

  • Dave Giromini
  • Jul 19 2023
Edge / Edge
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