Security Policy to restrict photos use to specific roles

Currently at William Osler we have many groups that use Engage. Physicians, Nurses, Allied Health, Management, Project Managment, etc .

Due to security and privacy regulations the hospital will not endorse Osler staff to use the photo feature. However, the Physician group would like to go ahead with photos. Currently there is no way to limit usage of photos to a specific role within Engage.

Also, we are a very large 4 site corporation. We would like to limit the storage needs by only allowing those staff members that really need to send photos for clinical needs.

We see photos and PHI (linking of a patient) to be closely related, so a security policy similar to the one that can limit some users from search and linking a patient would be great.

Is this someting that could be developed in ENgage?

If not, woould it be something that could be developed in Vina, as we will hopefully moving to it by year end.

Thanks for your consideration

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  • Mar 26 2020
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