VMP report for inactive devices

To empower our customers with better data. I would like to see a report that will show every VMP profile that has a device ID associated with it that has not checked in a user-determined-variable amount of time (a report threshold). We expect a registered device to check in regularly and send out pushes when they don’t. I want to help a customer identify the deices/users that have not checked in.

I see a report like this being useful in a couple ways. First, it can help a customer identify profiles where they can recover licenses. Most long-term customers I look at have some number of registered devices that have not checked-in for a long time (months or years). Yes, they could get the same data with a copy/paste from the user console into a spreadsheet and then create a pivot table, but I want a one-click solution. Once their data is cleaner, they can also identify the devices not checking in for shorter ranges. This will help them be more proactive in finding issues before the end users report them. I want to arm our customers with data.

  • david abraham
  • Aug 20 2021
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