Adult Crash, Paeds Crash, MET Calls Messaging Templates

As discussed with Konstantin during a meeting on 30/1/2023; and it has been suggested we raise an Idea for this change. Relating to the Current functionality of raising Adult/Paeds and MET Broadcasts on the Messaging Console.

From Matt Phillips Email: 30/01/2023:

In an ideal world…..


  1. The operator on the main gate would select the type of call, Adult cardiac arrest, Medical emergency team etc. Once selected, this would populate the text field and the operator only has to add in the location and any details, bed number etc.

  1. Following this, the system asks the persons receiving the call to identify their role.

I have spent some time at the maingate this morning, they showed me the system. After discussing this, the operator suggested that they could just cut and paste the text within the same box. Takes seconds and would work.

However, this is only a temp fix, going forward, if the system could be configured to repeat the field in which the operator types the location (No 2) then this would add safety to the process and take out the risk of a mishap when cut and pasting.

  • Hemina Mistry
  • Jan 30 2023
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