Show Groups and subgroups in Messaging Reports

I had a case in which a message was supposed to go out to two groups with a total of about 20 people. However, there was a group accidentally added without anyone realizing it, and the message was sent to over 400 people, in the middle of the night. When running the report, it just shows who the report went to, and does not show any of the groups.

This would help accidental message deliveries, and would help administrators track down which groups and subgroups a message went to to avoid digging.

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  • Apr 10 2020
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    19 May, 2020 06:58pm

    Currently we have the ability to run a report based on which DL the message was sent to, if we know which DLs the message was intended for.

    But what if the customer does not know which DLs it was sent to and just sees a Message sent to 300 users instead of the 30 users intended? I think it would be beneficial to have an option to see which DLs a message was sent to instead of users.

    If a customer had only one or two DLs, this may not be a problem. However, if a customer has 100+ DLs, it would be almost impossible to tell if there was a mistake and if it was sent to the DL.