Staff Rounds - Back Date Rounds for one month only

Module:  Staff Rounds
Requester:  Mirza Ali, CIC, Infection Control Manager, Francsican Western Indiana Region
Health System:  Franciscan Health Western Indian Region
Request: Back Date Rounds for one month only
Details:  Staff Rounds System should be set up such that Hand Hygiene audits for the current month should be completed and entered in the Vocera system on or before the end of that month, and not accept other back dated audits.  This will insure accuracy of reporting to the Franciscan system.

Notes:  The Western Region of Franciscan Alliance is rolling out Hand Hygiene Observation Rounds through VCE.  This will be used at Lafayette Central, Lafayette East, Rensselaer, and Crawfordsville.  Over 300 rounders will be added as VCE users to support this new effort.
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  • Nov 26 2019
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