Vocera Round / Field Size Enhancement

University of Chicago is requesting the folloiwng product / Vocera Rounds  / ehancement:

We would like for you to continue to explore how we expand this [the comments field on the incendit page for follow-up closerure].

This is something that is important to the success of using the follow-ups. Right now the key stakeholder leaders in the ED, EVS, Transport and Nutrition want to provide more details for the inpatient leaders to have a better picture of what they did to follow-up with the patient but they cannot do so because the free-text box is too small. We do not want the size of the text box to hinder a successful process. Please continue to push for expanding this box with your team.

Mary Roderique
Program Manager, Experience Improvement & Innovation
Patient Experience and Engagement Program 
The University of Chicago Medicine
5841 S. Maryland Ave. | Office TS205G | Chicago, IL
Office: 773-702-5015
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  • Nov 26 2019
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