Increase # of Care Rounds Type by Unit

 We currently have a  limitation on the number of round types an organization can have per unit - 6. We have several customers that are running into their limit of 6 different types of Care Rounds per unit – UCM is one example and El Camino as well. 
This is a signicant dissatisifer since we have organizations that are growing the solutions and adopting rounding by various stakeholders and leaders throughout the organization,  and yet we (Vocera) are limiting this growth by hard coding 6 as the limit by unit. For example, UCM has an interal waiting list on rounds they would liek to add to the Care Rounds, but can't since there are already 6 active round types on units. Additional rounds include Readmission Round, Internationtal Round, HOA Round, etc.
In addition, this is a competitive gaps as we are often asked on RFIs/RFPs. MyRounds  for example says they offer unlimited round types per their literature. Thus, we need to fill in that gap, but currently I’m more concerned with the customer frustration and pain we are imposing with our limitation of 6 care rounds per unit.
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  • Nov 26 2019
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