VMI option to not auto annouce (or delay auto announce) to a vocera badge when already on a call or broadcast

Our Nursecall sends messages via VMI to Vocera Badges based on Vocera Groups. We currently send them as VMI type 3 - so that nurscecall mesages are auto announced when received. However, this also means that the Nurscall mesage (as it is deemed urgent) will override any badges that are curently on a voice call/conference. The only system setting I can see is that you can block VMI for a badge in DND mode - which is not very useful. Changing the VMI type to a 1 or 2 does not give you auto announcement.  I would like to see a way where you can can configure (maybe at Group level permission) whether you want the auto announcement to interrupt a vocera vocie call/announcement or possibly even better have the abilty to set the auto announcement to wait until the current vocera call/broadcast is completed.

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  • Jan 31 2020
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