Incorporate audible CODE BLUE Timer

I believe as a clinician and nurse that this would be a huge bedside value added option.


Incorporate a voice command like "start code blue" and/or button (on vina/smartbadge) that would initiate a built in Code Blue Timer. The timer would audible alert the users "2 minute mark" at every 2 minute interval for standard pulse checks. There could also be a button to be pressed that could mark medicine administration (much like a hospital grade defibrillator already has built in.) At the end of the code, the user could command "end code blue" or press the button to end code blue.

Time stamps would be recorded on start/stop times and med administration. This would greatly aid bedside clinicians in appropriate documentation, efficient code blue timing of compressions and timing of pulse checks.

Somehow, programming the system to send an automatic summary report to the user with this information in real time after the code ends would be critical for timely documentation.

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen a resident or nurse pull out an iphone in the middle of a messy code to track time. It's inefficient and potentially an infection control situation as well.

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  • Mar 31 2023
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