Tiered Admin auto apply from Dept to Group

Here's a situation that I've run into.

During our initial implamentation there was no though of tiered admin's or "super users" having the ability to manage there specific departments. So of course it's fallen back to how can we get access. Well the answer simple apply a group to be able to manage that "group". Well that is a problem if let's say you want to have more of a self services approch to customer support. 400+ groups later we ran into the problem of having to assign to each group. 

It would be nice if the super users to be able to support anything in there "department". Applying the superuser group to the department would be nice to apply or imply at the least that the group should have control over all of the subs. This should be a check box as to not be the default automaticly as it may not be required or requested in all situations.

Note this is v4.1.
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  • Feb 1 2020
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