Silent Mode for use in Patient Rooms/ msg indicator light

I got a request from my Nursing Director for a way to have Vocera automatically go into a "silent mode" when the nurse enters the patient room.  This is due to complaints she has received from both Nurses and Patients about Vocera and noise.  I did advice her about how similarly DND mode works, but her response is that she needs "smart" devices that make nurse's lives simpler and easier, not more complicated with extra things to do and remember, like taking yourself in and out of DND and remembering to check for messages.  She also wants a "flashing red light"  that tells nurses when they have a waiting message.  I explained the chirp feature of the badge, but this wasn't exactly what she invisionsed.  Possibly a vibrate mode or silent mode is more in line with her thinking, and let the electronics of the badge manage that mode and messages for the nurses, not generate more for them to worry about or miss.

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  • Feb 1 2020
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