Allow duplicate staff entries in Staff Assignment

Now that Vocera Staff Assignment allows up to eight assignments per room/bed, in cases where only one or two people are assigned to a room per shift, it can be used to assign staff over a number of days.  In this case, the same staff may well be assigned to the same room for a given shift on consecutive days, however, VSA doesn't allow this.  I think the usefulness of being able to enter a staff name more than once would outweigh the risk of duplicate errors and would increase the value of Staff Assignment as a whole.

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  • Feb 1 2020
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    Jeff Prentice commented
    17 May, 2020 02:57am

    The idea of assigning more than a day in advance can be covered by ensuring remove on logout is not set. We are considering enhancements to do future assignments in a later release.


    Jeff Prentice

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