Department Reports

1.       A 1-pager to show Vocera department groups: permanent vs. temporary and what permissions exist.  Currently, I get this by going through the groups manually and examining their configuration (time & patience consuming).

2.      A Group Detail version for  groups within departments.  Currently I copy and paste from the ‘Group Detail’ report out of the Admin Console.  I use the ‘print version’.  As you may know, copying and pasting from this report is very very very sluggish and it is ordered alphabetically for the entire enterprise (no site filter).  I have to pick out the ED groups for IM between all of the ED groups in the entire enterprise.  It can take me a couple hours based on the cooperation of my laptop.

3.       A Report for group nesting within departments. (even more time consuiming than #1)

I think it would be helpful for me or the Vocera department educators to be able to have a quick link to their groups & detail (or an easy filter).

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  • Feb 1 2020
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