Staff Assignment / Connect Console: Allow manual sorting of Bed or Role

With some Bed or Role names, the order in which the items are displayed may be different than would be most useful. This can especially be true when the names have numbers of varying lengths.

Here is an example:

E R Room 31c
E R Room 32
E R Room 5
E R Room 6

The higher-number rooms come before the lower-number rooms based on sorting the text.
The issue can have a much greater impact when long lists are being used.

This feature would  allow some other method of arranging the Bed or Role column, such as by drag-and-drop.

Submitted for Tanya V.
Reference 00097635.
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  • Feb 1 2020
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    Jeff Prentice commented
    17 May, 2020 02:55am

    As of Vocera Platform 6.1 the Staff Assignment locations can be ordered manualy.


    Jeff Prentice

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