Group updates

In preparation for Staff Assignment, I just created 90 groups by importing a spreadsheet.  Unfortunately, several of the columns were imported in an order I didn't anticipate.  So, I'll just fix my columns and then re-import - WRONG.  You can't update groups.  So, I'll just delete the groups all at once, and then re-import - WRONG!  You can't multi-select within the group listing page.  So, I'll just rapid fire select one, press the DEL key and then the ENTER key to confirm the deletion - WRONG!  The DEL key doesn't work, and the list auto-scrolls to the top of the list after every single deletion.  What should have been a 5 second update to my groups is now taking me 20 min becuase I've been searching the Vocera KB looking for an easier way, and there isn't one I can find.

Really?!  This is what we're expected to do?
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  • Feb 1 2020
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