Wildcard for location MAC addresses

Update March 29, 2012: This feature is included in Vocera 4.3.  See the comment below for more information.

As more and more wireless products demand access within healthcare WLANs, it is becoming increasing inconvenient that the Vocera Admin Console will only allow one MAC address at a time to be entered as a location, rather than giving the MAC a last digit wildcard. 

Example of what has occurred and why I would like this feature:
As a standard, all my Vocera MAC addresses end in 2, however when another SSID profile is added to the AP to provide wireless access for another product, the MAC addresses for the Vocera profile have been "bumped" to 4, 6, etc.  What then happens, is the entire site is down from a Vocera perspective until I can enter the new last digit into the locations in the console.

We have looked into why this occurs and there seems to be some reasoning behind it, related to the naming of the profile, but there hasn't been a hard and fast rule which allows us to "set" Vocera to always owning the same MAC.  And, I am not always aware when a new profile is being added, so I have been caught with sites losing Vocera connections until I investigate and deem this the cause.  Then there is the mad scramble to enter new MAC addresses for all locations.  Currently, my solution is to enter each location MAC address 5 separate times, each with a different last digit - 0, 2, 4, 6, 8.

If the console would allow a wildcard * as the last digit for the location MAC address, then I wouldn't need to worry everytime a new SSID profile was added to a site, and wait to see if my Vocera MACs had changed, neither would I need to enter a MAC 5 separate times to prepare for this eventuality.

Anyone else had or having this problem?
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