Badge ID Sticker location

Can the badge shell be redesigned to allow for an indentation just above the speaker?
I have been using Brother (6mm-1/4") Laminated TZ Labels which have worked better than any other "reasonable" alteranative while still looking professional.
However, I have found that regardless if a department wears the protective sleeves on their badges, the sticker still starts to come off after a few weeks to a few months.
It would be great if there were an indent on the badge going up the length of the center front (call button side) right above the speaker (I believe where the antennae was on the B1000's) that was just over a 1/4 inch wide by an inch long and about 1/32th deep. It would allow for a sticker to be inset just enough that it should peel off unintentionally.

I personally wouldn't go for the extra plastic cover piece that you commonly see on desk phones to cover the numbers. I think it would have to be engineered pretty well to ensure it didn't pop out and get lost.
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  • Feb 1 2020
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