Repeat a cell rather than the whole column on VMP Web Console

I would like to be able to repeat a cell rather than a whole column on the VMP On-Call Web Console
For example: I have an On-Call group called Test OnCall. I load User A on Monday from 8am-4pm. User B on Tuesday 8am-4pm, and User C on Wednesday 8am-4pm.
I go back to the same On-Call Group, and decide to load User D for 5pm-midnight for the week. I would add him on Monday, and then click the REPEAT button, and have it repeat for the week. From there, it would be nice to only repeat user D (the cell) without it overwritinng the Users who are On-Call during the daytime.
     Currently If I would to repeat User D, it would delete User B, and User C from the schedule
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  • Feb 1 2020
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