Connect Console Tiered Admin access - a new permission type needed?

I'm submitting this idea, as this issue arose for us recently and here is the answer from Tech Support, re the current functionality:

"If Connect Console is set up for an application-level login, then any user who logs in will be able to see and modify all sites and users, even if the sitePermissions=userSite parameter has been configured in the application config file.
To change this behavior, log in to Connect Console as administrator, go to setup, click on the Security button near the middle on the bottom of the screen, and in the pop-up window that comes up, set the Authentication Type to Vocera User Login.  Users will then log in with the same username and password that they use to log in to the Vocera administration console, and they will only be able to see their own site (selected by default) and global.
Modifying this setting does mean that users will need to have usernames and passwords on the Vocera administration console in order to staff assignments.

It is only users with administrator-level privileges (whether system admin or tiered admin) that show all sites in connect console. Users that do not have tiered admin privileges will see only their own site and global."

One of the problems with this, is the need to give all users a password - presently, only our tiered administrators have passwords (we do not use the User Console).
We use a tiered admin model for access to the Admin Console, however I'm wondering why, if the process of tiered admin was important enough to set up for the Admin Console (for limiting access to other sites, etc), why the same functionality was not carried over for Connect Console?  Why would tiered administrators suddenly have full access, with no restrictions possible?

We are experiencing that all those with tiered admin access for the Admin Console, have full admin access in Connect Console, ie can see and edit all sites - with no mechanism for limiting their access to only the site they belong to.

I think there should be the same restrictions carried from the admin console, to the connect console, when a user ID is entered.  Are the two systems not talking to each other?

As the user ID is designed as a unique identifier in the Vocera system, can we not have the user ID referenced when someone logs into ANY Vocera application?

I train users to enter their user ID for any application login (even though connect console allows anything to be used in the user ID field when an application password is used).  Although there are no ties to the admin console for application password users, it gives the appearance that they are logged in under their ID (it displays at the top of the screen) and makes them think that reporting can be pulled, ie accountability for what they change in the application.

We would like adjustments to the connect console access options:
1 - Tiered administrators login to connect console with their User ID and password for the admin console, and carry all permissions thru
2 - General staff login to connect console with their User ID and application password

Functionality this would provide:
Anyone accessing connect console (other than system administrators) would only be able to view or edit their site, based on permissions tied to their user ID.  If there is no password in their profile, then connect console would accept the application password.

In practice, this would mean a tiered administrator would login with their user ID & password as assigned in the admin console, and be able to view/edit staff assignments for their site only

Any other staff logging into connect console, would use their user ID and the application password, with connect console referencing their user ID to determine which site they would be able to view/edit.

Without this enhancement, we are sitting vulnerable to all users accessing connect console, having access to edit any site they choose.

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  • Feb 1 2020
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    Jeff Prentice commented
    5 May, 2020 04:05am

    Beginning in Vocera Platform 6.1 staff assignment departments and their facilities are restricted by permissions.

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