Report to track badge movement and stationary duration.

This idea is for a report that will show the path of movement of a badge and the length of time that the badge spends in each location

For instance...
User A location history: 
1. Location = Lobby, Duration = 25 seconds 
2. Location = Corridor A, Duration = 15 seconds 
3. Location = Staff Break Room, Duration = 2 hours 
4. Location = Corridor A, Duration = 10 seconds 
5. Location = Nurses Station, Duration = 10 minutes 
6. Location = Corridor B, Duration = 30 seconds 
7. Location = Patient Room A, Duration = 5 minutes 
... etc. 

With reference to the example above, the use case being that night staff are thought to be sleeping on the job. They will always have their badges with them in case a call comes in, so the duration of the badge being in a single location cam help prove this. In this instance, entry #3 would show the desired data.

Another use case could be to prove that a user was not wearing their badge, but instead left in a location for some time.
  • Josh King
  • Feb 1 2020
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