Reminder to Return Your Vocera Badge

A great suggestion was brought forward from a manager at my orginization as badge loss is a big issue and staff take badges from unit's to units (each area pays for their own).  Upon Log out, can the genine when says "im logging you out" add prior to that "don't forget to return your badge to your area"

This can be done by creating a custom prompt for the two prompts that are used when a user logs out.  the process of creating custom prompts is described in the "Providing a Custom Help Prompt" section of the Vocera Administration Guide.  The prompts to customize are:
  • logging_out.wav
  • logging_out1.wav

The easiest edit would be to add the desired instructions to the end of the prompt.

As always, Vocera recommends testing configuration changes on a staging server prior to putting them into production.
  • Nicole G
  • Feb 1 2020
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