A combination Report: Badge Last Used and Device Summary Report

Problem: The Badge Last Used has last date used , has names but does not have label numbers. The Device Inventory Summary Report has label numbers , badge last used date but no names. An ideal report should have label numbers in order ( I know-being addressed), date last used, Person's name and up to the date Status Information.  The Device Inventory-Detail Report does include all of this information however it is way to long to be sending out to people. We don't need to know the entire badges history of who used it just who had it last- because it is probably missing or someone broke it.

Another idea to this report., regarding the way the Status is calculated. Example situation: badge NIC 25 is broken, pulled from service and sits on a desk in the NICU for 3 weeks. The badge gets reported and sent to me today. I change the status to "Received for Repair". Now the NICU also receives a daily Device Inventory-Summary report every morning. I have it pulling 1 weeks worth of data as this unit is on top of their inventory. NIC 25 does not show up on that report at all. If I ran the daily Device Summary report to pull 3 weeks worth of data NIC 25 would then show. Can we adjust the Status field to reflect the date that NIC 25 changed Status rather then the date that the badge was last on the network? In order to accomplish what I am looking for I have to send 2 reports: the Device Inventory-Summary report and the  Device Status Tracking report. Perhaps we can cut down a report and combine information into the Device Summary Report. 

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  • Jan 31 2020
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