Unknown Reason in Vocera Report Server Call Reports

I am reporting this request/idea on behalf of Megan Robinette with Gensesis Health Care. There are a few scenarios in which a call will be reported as unknown as shown below

  1. A User cancels a call by tapping the DND or Call button before the receiving party can answer.
  2. A call is cancelled by the Vocera system due to excessive background noise (Barge-In) with no recognized yes or no.
in 4.4.1 although some of the "unknown reason" have been fixed this should account for the rest on call reports. All calls logged should be reported, issueing a call report with an "unknown reason" only promotes questions that cannot be answered without the help of Vocera Technical Support. It would be wonderful if this could be addressed. Thank you
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  • Jan 31 2020
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