AP/Location based report

In a recent case I had opened (00363085), I inquired if there was an AP/location based report that tracks the movement of a particular user, including a "time connected" column to each AP. This report does not exist, however, I did point out how this raw data does hit the voice server and could potentially be parsed for use in a report.

Since I do not have Analytics, I had the TSE review Analytics to see if the report perhaps existed there, which it did not, as well as consulted with colleagues who work on the analytics server. Just like the VRS, VA only has a report that shows the last access point which a badge was connected to.

We have received several requests where managers are trying to pinpoint how long users are staying in certain areas, so a report such as this has been inquired about and would be beneficial for users/management.

Thank you.


  • Jon Berndtson
  • May 18 2021
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