Android/iOS - Vocera Collaboration Suite - On-Call Status

When using the Vocera Collaboration Suite, you can see your personal on-call status and  are able to make the change (if allowed) to that staus from the application, as well as seeing your schedule for the distribution lists you're are a member of and when on the schedule you will be on-call.
What you can't see is,
- who else is a part of the groups that you are on-call with for making it difficult to know who you can reach out to just in case you maybe need to change on-call availability "on the fly" or even reach out to the right indivdual in the same deaprtment you are in?
(Potentially messaging the entire group if needed?)
- as well from an on-call stand point, you can't edit other people's on-call status and require the web interface to do so (as if you were and administrator/scheduler of the group)
- also seeing the schedule of the on-call in general (ex. who's on call before or after you) like mentioned you only are able to see your schedule from the groups you're a part of, rather than the entire schedule weeks/months in advance (or behind)
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  • Jan 31 2020
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