Call Forwarding option with VCS app

Many of our users would find it useful to be able to select call forwarding options within the VCS app itself, rather than having to issue Voice commands.  Since you can currently forward messages, it should be made available where you can forward your calls.  It would be ideal if you could have it branch out to the rest of the options of call forwarding as well within the app, such as "all, unanswered, offline". 

Users who utilize VCS on their personal phones would find this extremely useful, as they may want to forward all of their calls when off campus to their cell phone to ensure call deliverability at the highest success rate.  By being able to control it by tap/clicking within the app, it makes it easier for the user rather than struggling with voice commands (most VCS users become accustomed to using the app rather than voice commands, etc.).
  • Jon Berndtson
  • Jan 31 2020
  • Completed
  • Sep 15, 2020

    Admin response

    The ability to control call forwarding settings was added in VCS 3.6

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