Add ability to disable missed call notification

Last night I got a notification from a missed call in Vocera.

If we are off site we cannot receive the call since we are off network, but we still get an alert that a call was missed.  Is it possible to stop the alert you get when you miss a call?

The scenarios we discussed were:
1 – We cannot receive call if we are not on site, so we miss them, but we get an alert … if urgent, the sender would likely send an alert
2 – When we are on site, if we miss a call, we would see the missed call notification … so is the alert necessary?

I am supposing that in case 1, the alert would serve to let me know that Pamela tried to reach me.
If she left a voice mail, I would see that, but not be able to check it until I was back on site.

Our concern is, as we move more people on to the system, will this alert become an annoyance to them.

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  • Feb 21 2020
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