On Call Notifications

We have some users that don't like the notificatoin that they recieve when there on call status changes.  Some have complained that they don't want this alert to bother them at midnight as they get up thinking that this is an actual alert.  We would like to have the ability to disable this feature for those that will not want to be notified of their on call status change

Hi Kevin,

I looked into this behavior and that is the way the product was designed for an accountability standpoint and to ensure that people are aware of when their On-Call status has changed. 

If your VCS users want to be able to turn off this type of notification, we suggest that you help them submit an Idea(Feature Request) in our Support Portal to have this added to the product -To have an option that allows them to be able to "turn off" the On-Call status change notifications from within the App and/or the Web Cosnole.
I hope this helps.

Let me know if you run into any difficulty doing this and I can assist you.

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  • Jan 31 2020
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