Ability to Send a Secure Video in a VCS Chat Session

Requester:  Brian Batt, Intermountain Clinical IS Analyst

Overview:  Intermountain Medical Center has recently deployed VCS in their Trauma and Neuro departments.  The immediate benefit to Intermountain is the ability to use Chat for sending secure text messages containing Patient Health Information which has resulted in the increased efficiency of addressing patient needs.  However, it has been communicated that there is information that doctors need to better assess a patient that cannot be interpreted as effectively with only pictures.  Allowing a caregiver to send a short video securely via Chat would provide an immediate benefit to a Physician of seeing and hearing the condition of a Patient in the Neuro ICU unit and receiving information on conditions such as pupil dilation, slurring of speech or asymmetrical facial movements.

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  • Jan 31 2020
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