Group Management within Engage Mobile (also sub-groups)

Group Management:  Instead of managing from the Engage web browser console, we want Engage to build in the app a way for each individual user to input which Groups that they are members of (e.g. AIC, OB R4, Charge Nurses, etc.…).  We should leave space for up to 4 groups to be simultaneously enrolled in to facilitate the next topic:
Cascading Groups:  We would like to have specific “tiered” or “cascading” groups to use in different situations that are designed to message a specific subset of groups, depending on the priority of the message.  For example:
Tier 1 (real emergency)
Tier 2 (urgent)
Tier 3 (ASAP)
Tier 4 (normal)
Each “Tier” will message a pre-defined set of groups and their members.  Different situations will be classified as a certain tier.  For example, STAT CS will be a Tier 1 group message. Less severe emergencies or non-emergencies will lie somewhere on Tier 2-4

Notes on what was discussed with this product feedback request:
Group Management in Engage Mobile:

  • Very similar to users setting their Unit in Engage Mobile
    • One key difference is that while users can only be assigned to one unit, users can be assigned to multiple groups
    • They only need to be able to assign 4 groups as a minimum requirement
Nested Groups:
  • They need 4 top-level groups that can in turn contain sub-groups
    • The subgroups could range from ResponderSync dynamically managed groups to static groups (ideally with Engage Mobile managed groups integrated)
  • There is no intention that the top level groups receive alerts – their primary purpose is to be used to include multiple groups of users for messaging
    • Users often need to message multiple groups at once and they are reporting issues with this (taking too long, missing a group, adding an unintended group, etc)
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  • Jan 31 2020
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