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  1. Request for MDM app config file development between Vocera app developers and UVMMC engineers. UVMMC techs currently have to manually setup multiple Vocera app recommended default settings (i.e. acknowledge 6 setup prompts on 817 iPhones – and likely expanding to more remote hospitals), but, more importantly, there is no ongoing control and end users can currently change these to undesired settings that make the app behavior inconsistent.

    1. Ultimately, for the notifications to perform properly we need to control these important endpoint iOS settings through MDM policy for settings like Vocera Vina Notifications

  2. Banner Style = Persistent” and

  3. Location = Always.

    1. Even though Apple does not allow us to gray out/lock these settings, a properly developed Vocera Vina MDM app config policy for iOS can “heal” any changed settings each time the policy updates/deploys.

    2. Example1 of the Vocera Vina problem in current state without MDM policy: users receive periodic confusing pop-up messages. Example below shows iOS doing its background privacy monitoring and forcing the user to repeatedly choose to “Always” allow Vocera Vina to check location (even though we had already initially set this from the default of “Ask” to Vocera recommendation of “Always”. The MDM policy could keep enforcing that recommended “Always” setting and suppress the prompts.

    3. Example2 of the Vina app setting control problem was confirmed in our Test7 today (in list below) for a Non- critical alert (blood sugar) sent to two users/iPhones while unlocked/ app in use. Both phones were in use with a connected Avaya VoIP call in session. Vocera notification broke through with audio bird chirp and banner drop down overlaying the Avaya app in progress. This performed as desired, EXCEPT one nurse in the phone call had Vocera Vina Notification Banner Style reverted back to “Temporary”. This resulted in poor workflow. By the time the iPhone was lowered from their ear, the “temporary” notification banner was already gone, so the user might miss this notification. We still need Vocera MDM development so that we can use Citrix EMS MDM policy to enforce Vocera recommended “Permanent” banner setting.

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  • Jul 22 2021
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  • Paul Luksch commented
    27 Nov, 2021 02:53pm

    Is there a way to create a script that could reset the Vina required settings to their proper options and maybe place that on a screen on the phone?

  • Mark Lichman commented
    30 Jul, 2021 08:00pm

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to configure app OS level permission responses through an MDM. Both Apple and Android have made privacy statements requiring individual users to set the permissions for each app install, there is no known technical mechanism for setting app permissions with a MDM controlled config file.