Vina Console to receive Emergency Broadcast Info


In doing prep work and testing of the Emergency Broadcast feature we really like the ability to dial out to other devices, in particular our Security Office as those lines are recorded by a 3rd party. However unless each of the dispatch users have a Vocera badge there is no way of them knowing who / where the call is, short of the user who triggered the Broadcast announcing it themselves which they may not always be able to do. To that end I think that it would be a great feature to allow for users who are the replicants of the Emergency Broadcast pages to be able to get a message on Vina.

Currently any users that are in a Vocera group that is listed as a recipient of any Emergency Broadcast will receive a tone / user name / AP name when someone pushes the Panic Button.

What to add:

That users who are recipients of an Emergency Broadcast message and are logged into Vina on a browser will get the same information. (see attached)

  • Web Page will paly an audible Tone when a Emergency Broadcast us received

  • Vina section / Emergency Message will flash red/white as a visual notification

  • User name will be that of the person initializing the Emergency Broadcast

  • Chat window will show the User name / AP Name / Date and Time of the Broadcast

  • Reply's to Emergency Broadcast are disabled


User will be able to utilize a central security office who will be able to receive Emergency Broadcasts on their main line. Then while listening to what is happening be able to look at their Vina screen to read the data off to responding officers. This would eliminate any issues related to WiFi in central offices and the need for these staff members to have a badge.

Thank you for you time.


  • Paul Petersen
  • Oct 7 2021
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