Forwarded call loop needs notification revision.

If a call is forwarded back to the caller, disable 'My reminder' notification for the caller, and replace with a 'missed forwarded call' notification so the user is aware the call is forwarded back to them. Also the receiver who is forwarding the call should have a 'missed call' notification.

  • Chris Mervyn
  • May 24 2022
  • Clarification requested
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  • Chris Mervyn commented
    1 Jun, 2022 04:07pm

    Hi Mark. A common scenario is, when user1 goes on break and forwards to user2 and does not remove the forwarding upon their return. When user2 calls user1, they experience this issue.
    Examples of this happening are when nurses go on break, charge nurse being covered by a lead nurse, residents covering another resident and so on.

  • Mark Lichman commented
    26 May, 2022 06:14pm

    Can you please explain how this situation may arise?